Samstag, 16. April 2011

Back from paradise

I'm back. back in cold, snowy and depressive Wisconsin after one amazing week in Hawai'i. I had a wonderful time. All the other exchange students are just so wonderful and together we had an awesome time. We stayed in Honululu, right at the waikiki beach and on main street. We did everything you should do, like surfing, snorkeling, we went on a catamaran, saw dolphins, sea turtles, whales and beautiful sunsets.
 Waikiki beach

at the north shore
And, like every vacation, time passed by much too fast. Now we're all back and just today, it snowed again, I can't believe it. But then, I just try to make summer in my room, listen to music, drink hot chocolate and make plans for the future. I'm gonna post some pictures and a song, which reminds me of this trip:
Luan Santana- Um Beijo


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