Sonntag, 10. April 2011

In paradise.

Hey guys.
OMG. Hawaii is wonderful!! Comin from Wisconsin, we're really enjoying the sun over here.
First day, we went on a catamaran-ride, we saw dolphins out there!
Second day was surfing, and we saw seaturtles. I was scared that they would bite me, they looked so angry. Surfing is really not my sport, but doing it was a great experience. Third day, we went in an awesome bay, is was so beautiful!! We went snorkeling and saw all these tropical and colorful fishes. I took pictures with an underwater-camera, i hope they turn out good. I good the worst sunburn in my life, my skull and my back are on fire...
Today we went on Diamond Head, hiking. The view on Waikiki was just incredible up there!! Now we're going shopping in a huge mall, something different than the international market every day ;)
I'm gonna upload some pictures when I come back, because I use the computer in the lobby right now and it's gonna take some time.
So, I hope you all out there have are doing good.

ALOHA. <3.

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